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About Us

Antique curiosity of our family begins when my father met a well know antique collector in 1976. At that time I was 2 years old. When I get older, I found myself  in this mysterious and wonderful world of antiques. My passion for antiques began in the age of 12. 18 years old, I had 300 original movie poster. I made my university thesis on ”History of Porcelain”. I participated in various training programs on antiques and got the certificates. My family is 33 years, and I am 16 years into this job. In particular, antique porcelain, silver, bronze and islamic arts are my interest in major issues.

As a result  of  long negotiations and exchange of ideas, we made a decison to make business with the world’s leading and respected Antique compaines.  The website you visiting is open in october 2009 as to be sold the best and highest quality antiques in Turkey. Antiques on our site is from America, Britain, France and other countries that we cooperate in.

We detected two main principles with these companies.

1-Very high quality and rare antiques will be sold.

2-Customer satisfaction and trust is the most important goals for us.

Thank you for visiting our web site.


Mete Demirel